Over 40 YEARS of EXPERIENCE in the construction industry

Our Screen Rooms and Enclosures are designed and built to withstand winds of 160 mph plus. We exceed the current Florida Building Code requirements!
OUR ENCLOSURES DO NOT NEED REMOVABLE SCREENS! (which do not work anyway) because we design and build them to withstand high velocity winds with the screens on place. We can provide written documentation demonstrating why removable screens are” just a lot of nonsense”. We show you the engineering and provide a commonsense explanation why this is nothing but a sales ploy by other companies. Removable screens are not recognized by the Florida Building Code.
OUR ENCLOSURES CAN BE FULLY INSURED. don’t believe the claims by other companies that ‘they have the only insurable screen enclosure’, that is an outright lie. The fact is some insurance will cover screen enclosures and some will not. The fact that our enclosures are built in accordance with the design criteria and engineering that has been adopted by the Florida Building Code makes them more favorable for the insurance companies to insure. However we believe our enclosures are so strong, insuring them is not cost beneficial.
We design and fabricate our structures using computers and laser guided equipment; which results in a structure that is level and straight.
We install our structures using OSHA approved ladders and equipment, not homemade walk boards and plastic ladders, like some companies use. YOU ARE LIABLE, AS THE PROPERTY OWNER, IF SOMEONE l5 HURT USING IMPROPER Equipment!
We fabricate the screen enclosure in our modern facility with precision and tight quality control, and then install it at your home, with as little mess and time as possible, (usually a few days) so you are not Inconvenienced for any length of time. YOU CAN NOT ACCURATELY FABRICATE AN ALUMINUM STRUCTURE BY BUILDING IT ON SITE!

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