Hurricane Force Winds

Rene started building screen enclosures when he was asked to repair one and noticed how poorly they were being made and saw that there was no way they could withstand hurricane force winds. 80 he decided that he could make a far superior product using his extensive knowledge of various other construction disciplines and techniques, along with a plain old fashioned ‘do the job the right way to begin with!” attitude. When the hurricanes hit South Florida, in 2004 8. 2005, Rene‘s judgment of how screen enclosures where being built at that time was proven right; they could not withstand a high wind load and thousands were destroyed. (Go to our Links Page to obtain more information about how and Why screen enclosures failed during the hurricanes). The reality is that the larger screen companies used inferior designs and installation procedures and they knew it or they chose to ignore basic engineering principles in order to save money! The result was a rampant failure during wind speeds that were lower than the structures were supposed to be able to withstand. Some people lost their enclosures during both hurricanes and that should not have occurred after the first loss!