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Excellent Job!
Our screened room was just finished a week ago (Aug. 2008) and it was very well built with quality materials. It is the 3rd screened porch we’ve had built on our house and the first two (built be a different company) were not made nearly as well and had problems which had to be fixed. So…we were on the lookout for problems and there weren’t any. Even the city inspector in our city (our city has a reputation for being very strict with code compliance and most contractors dread working in our city) said that it looked like this company was precise with their workmanship and said, “this screened porch isn’t going anywhere ” to do with standing up to hurricanes. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. Because the owner is also a general contractor he knows a lot more about design and construction than other companies that are just licensed for screened porches. He resolved a construction problem unique to our house and came up with a solution,and it worked out very well because of his knowledge. Wayne and Liz Kowalski

Wayne and Liz Kowalski / Client

Great job
After working with several contractors on various jobs around the house, we were left wondering where the pride in workmanship went around here. Well, it still exists with Florida Screen Builders. These folks come when they say they are coming. They get the job done when they say they will. There is little to list on a punch list, and when you do, the items are handled immediately, and with a smile. Our screen enclosure far exceeded our imagination. The construction is top notch, as confirmed by the Parkland building inspector who came out to sign off on the permit. The design was terrific. We are so happy with the look of the enclosure. The guys that came out to erect the screen were clean, professional and very polite. What a pleasure to work with these folks. The owner came out several times during the project to make sure everything was going well. He would call to check on the status, and was always available should a question come up. Anything I asked for was done, no need to follow up or double check that the request was handled. It was, the first time requested. Initially, we were worried that they were located so far away from our home, but that never posed a problem. We did have to wait a while before they could come out to build the enclosure, but the wait was well worth it. We have a beautiful, quality built screen. This company is highly recommended, and we would use them again in a heart beat if the need arises. Sincerely, Sue & Mike Lucente Parkland, FL November 4, 2008

Sue & Mike Lucente / Client
This has Better Vue Screens

Excellent Work
I checked 8 different screen builders and chose Florida Screen Buildingers. The enclosure is rock solid. No suprises, all went as planned and the enclosure turned out great.

dzabel / Client
Semi-Mansard Style

Excellent work – fair price
We are completely satisfied with the new orchid extension Florida Screen builders created for us. Fair price, neat work.

stuartbel / Client